By Professor Omar Hasan Kasule Sr.

1.0 PREVIOUS CIVILIZATIONS, khabar man qablana

A. The Righteous

·        Adam and Hawa

  • People of the Cave


B. The Transgressors

·        People of Ibrahim

  • People of Babel
  • People of the Trenches
  • People of the Elephant
  • People of Aad
  • People of Thamuud
  • People of Rass


C. Banu Israil

·        Allah’s bounties

  • Arrogance, transgression and evil character
  • Spread of corruption


D. Nasaara

·        Deviation from aqidat


2.0 THE GOLDEN ERA OF REVELATION, ‘ahad al risaalat

A. Pre-Islamic Arabia, al jahiliyyat

·        Geography and Peoples of Arabia

  • Religion
  • Social and Economic life
  • The Bedouin as the raw material of Islam


D. The Makkan Period

·        Phase of tarbiyyat

  • Trials and tribulations for strength


E. The Madinan Period

  • Establishment of the dawlat
  • The Madinan constitution
  • The Law
  • Defending the state
  • Challenging the superpowers
  • Liberation of people and assuring freedom of religion for all


3.0 THE ERA OF RIGHTLY-GUIDED KHILAFAT, ‘ahad al khilafat al rashidat

A. Era of Abubakr al Siddiq (11H/632M -13H/634M)

·        Wars of apostasy

  • Challenging Byzantine in Syria and Persians in Iraq


B. Era of Omar al Farooq (13H/634M- 23H/644M)

·        Expansion of the dawlat geographically: pax islamica

  • Horizontal but not vertical growth – seeds of the fitnat
  • Growth of the Law


C. Era of Othman bin Affan (23H/644M- 35H/656M)

·        First period of stability and expansion

·        The great fitnat


D. Era of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (35-40H/656-661M)

·        Change in the political base

·        Overthrow of the khilafat

·        Start of the dynasties


E. Era of Omar Ibn Abd al Aziz

  • 2 years of hope but did not continue


4.0 THE ERA OF MUSLIM DYNASTIES, ‘ahad al muluuk

A. Muslim Heartland West & Central Asia and Northern Africa

·        Omayyad dynasty in Damascus (41-132h/661-750m)

·        Abbasid dynasty in Baghdad (132-656h/749-1258m)

  • Abbasids in Cairo (659-923h/1261-1517m)
  • Independent or semi-independent dynasties during the Abassid era
  • Osmanli dynasty (640-1342h/1281-1924m)


B. Maghareb and Andalusia

·        Omayyads in Andalusia (138-422h/756-1031m)

·        Idrisid dynasty in Maghreb

·        Murabituun dynasty in Maghreb and Andalusia (448-541h/1056m)


C. Sub-Saharan Africa


D. South Asia


E. South East Asia



A. Spread Of Islamic Aqidat, Islamic Law, And The Arabic Language

B. Growth Of Knowledge, Science, And Technology

C. Challenges Of Polytheists, Crusaders, And Free Masons

D. Revival, tajdid, and Reform, Islah

E. Present Status Of The Ummat

©Copyright Professor Omar Hasan Kasule Sr, March 2003